Boyan Iliev

How To Get Better At Googling

Created August 2, 2021


Don't worry, you've read the title of this post correctly. We are indeed going to explain how to get better at googling. In the web dev world, googling is one of the main things that someone should know how to do properly. There are actually quite a few stuff that you could do to get the answers and results that you are looking for and which are going to be of most help to you.

So in this post, we are going to check out some pretty useful "life hacks" that you should start applying to your day-to-day googling.

Start using "site:"

By using "site:" you can get the results from a specific website. For example, if you wanted to see all the PHP relate stuff from a certain website you just gotta write site:URL PHP. Here's an example:


Start using "define:"

You know when you're searching for the definition of a word, but all that pops up are just some weird articles that don't really do the job for you. With "define:" you are actually asking google for the definition of a word. Here's how you can use it:


Start using "related:"

If you've found a site that you really enjoy and wish to find more sites similar to it, then use "related:". It is going to find sites similar to the ones that you've selected.

Start using "intitle:"

When using "intitle:" you get the results with the keyword you wrote. So for example:



These are just a few tips on how to improve your googling. They will help you get the most out of the stuff that you want to find out. I hope that this post has helped. Make sure you follow me on Twiteer and get in touch with me.